Aging and Getter Older

Aging and Getting Older

What’s the old expression? What are two things you can’t avoid? The answer: Getting older, and taxes. We can’t help you with the ‘taxes’ part, but we have assembled a panel of experts that can help deal with the challenges of growing older.

Start here for advice and support about growing old gracefully and naturally. For advice specifically geared to those who are getting older, this is the place for those who don’t want to let on they are getting older.

senior man napping

Aging and Getter Older

Frequent Napping May Signal a Stroke

Regularly scheduled naps and eight hours of night sleep can lead to more productivity and better health.

Aging and Getter Older

Updated Food Pyramid for Older Adults

The nearly decade-old food guide pyramid now has a new look.

Aging and Getter Older

Seniors Enjoy the Benefits of Tai Chi

The practice of Tai Chi (pronounced tie-chee) originated centuries ago in China.

Aging and Getter Older

Physical Education For Your Brain

Is there a way to keep our brains active as we age?