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Kristen DeLeo

Kristen DeLeo

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Kristen is an ACE-Certified fitness instructor who has specialized on kids’ fitness for the past fifteen years.

Her foray into kids’ fitness was inspired by her experience as a shy, awkward kid who was picked last for every team in P.E. She was determined to find a way to make fitness fun for all kids.

After graduating from UC San Diego, she created a youth fitness program for an athletic club in San Diego. The program became a model for other clubs and earned recognition from the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness.

In 1998 she created a nonprofit, ElectriKids, to share her love of fitness with kids across America. ElectriKids leads fun, interactive and educational fitness classes and assemblies in elementary schools.

Much of the success of the program has been attributed to Kristen’s great enthusiasm for kids’ fitness. Her high-energy appearances can bring an entire campus to its feet!

In 2001 she got the idea to take her show "on the road" after marrying her husband, a touring musician. Never being one to sit pretty, Kristen decided to jump off the tour bus and go on the road herself. Since then, the ElectriKids Muscle Mania Tour has energized thousands of kids in schools from California to New York. Sometimes her supportive husband is her roadie!

ElectriKids has been featured in People Magazine and numerous regional newspapers. Kristen is proud of all she has accomplished in her mission to get kids excited about exercise. But her greatest joy is being active with her 2 year old son, Duke.

You can check out Kristen's own website at